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Project Management

We provide this service as a principal agent, construction administrators or as the client representative on construction projects. We develop strategies for every aspect of a project’s execution from conception to implementation and delivery. Our project management approach aims to deliver projects within the three assets of Time, Budget and Quality. 

Project Feasibility

Projects are successful when due diligence is carried out from the moment of inception. We carry out feasibility proposals on projects that assist in determining the viability and preliminary cost estimates. This gives our potential clients the necessary information to proceed onto implementation. We also assist our clients in packaging feasibility reports for funding mobilization.


Turnkey Projects

Through our collaborative relationships with professional consultants, when projects necessitate a turnkey or 'design and build' approach, we provide this assembly along with the management thereof. The client's benefit with this is the reduced management effort to put together and coordinate the team of professionals required to undertake a project from initiation through construction and completion. 

Built Environment Consultancy

Our firms staff complement and collaborators have given us additional capacities for packaged consultancy services in the fields of environmental consultancy, health and safety, facilities management, town planning, landscaping and  built environment research

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